Central Florida Etsians

Central Florida Etsians is an official Etsy team where Artists and Crafters in Central Florida can come together to work as a team, to gain more exposure for Central Florida Etsy shops, and support each other on a business and social level.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Central Florida Etsians Team Meeting In Orlando, Florida

Central Florida Etsians Team Meeting June 28, 2014

Special Thank You to all the wonderful businesses that made it possible for me to give a wonderful gift bag to the Members of the Central Florida Etsians Team on Etsy that attended the meeting held in Orlando, Florida on June 28, 2014.

These businesses included the illustrious….
Fire Mountain Gems www.firemountaingems.com for the pocket beaders and tape measures.  Thank you Jessica at the Fire Mountain Gems Donation Committee for sending us the lovely items and always being so wonderful to do business with!

The gift bag also included items from these Top Rate Etsy Shops!
Jessica Gleason                  www.earthcookiecreations.etsy.com             Craft tags
Discount code: 10off

Keith                                      www.littlebeadsnest.etsy.com                        Ornate Silver Beads
Shari                                      www.miniaturemakersupply.etsy.com          Sample glitter packs
Discount Code: CFESTFREE – free shipping code on orders $20.00 or more through December 31, 2014.

Miss Ashante                     www.nailinaround.etsy.com                         Nail Decals

R.G. Soaps                        www.rgsoapco.etsy.com                                Goat Milk Soaps

Cara & Terri                       www.dimestoreemporium.etsy.com           Brass floral charms

Megan Davis                     www.thepetitealmond.etsy.com                  Gold Glitter Confetti

Phaedra                             www.palomabeads.etsy.com            Patinaed filigree DIY Earrings

Aizie                                   www.aizieglam.etsy.com                         Resin Ring Samples and
Discount Code: ETSYSUMMER for 20% off

Beth                                    www.shopangelico.etsy.com                  Angel Wing Foil Appliques
Discount Code: THANK2U for 15% off your purchase

Homer & Ronda Hillis        www.hhhdesigns.etsy.com                     Fairy Heart Charms
* Artist Feature possible for Central Florida Etsian Members with art made with the charm sent…email Ronda through Etsy Shop Link.

Elaine                              www.brynnalex.etsy.com                             Art Card Samples
* Elaine has a Bursary (Scholarship) she gives every year in honor of her daughter, Brynn Alex’s memory. This bursary is given to one student each year for Art School. Please read more about it here: www.beheartstrings.com or in her Etsy Shop dedicated to her 12 year old daughter. If you wish to donate any products to the Brynn Alex shop to help fund the bursary please contact Elaine directly through Etsy.

Laura Solano                  www.acreativelink.etsy.com                       Jewelry findings & charms

Carol Colvert                   www.extremebeadoverload.etsy.com      Daisy spacers, beads, toggle clasps.

Suzanne                          www.displaydiva.etsy.com                         Bags & boxes samples

Claudia                            www.calliopesattic.etsy.com                      Charms

Tasha                              www.tulipjewelrysupplies.etsy.com           Bead samples

Jessie                              www.pinewind.etsy.com                             Handcrafted Turquoise Pendants

Steph King                      www.chasingthespark.etsy.com                Bag of charms, skull cameos, resin flowers, and more!

Rayven                            www.rayvenwoodmanor.etsy.com            Art Glass Necklaces

Friday, October 5, 2012

October Team Challenge

UPDATE: Congratulations to KCDesignsShop for winning our October Challenge!

October's Team Challenge has to do with "Anything Halloween" Please browse through the entries and vote for your favorite!

Entry #1

Entry #2

Entry #3

Entry #4

Entry #5

Entry #6

Entry #7

Entry #8

Entry #9

Entry #10

Entry #11

Entry #12

Entry #13

Friday, September 7, 2012

September Team Challenge

UPDATE: Congratulations to the lovely Ornament Girl for winning our September Challenge with her wonderful Fall Ornament!!!!

You can view her Etsy shop here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ornamentgirl?ref=seller_info

Central Florida Etsians' September Team Challenge!  Vote for your favorite "Autumn" colored item!

Entry #1
Material Whirl Collage

Entry #3
Aquarian Bath

Entry #4
Bead Lovers Korner

Entry #5

Entry #6

Entry #7
Poppy Flower Fields

Entry #8
Its Sew Bella

Entry #9
Elegant Duck

Entry #10
Hi Darling

Entry #11

Entry #12
Ornament Girl

Entry #13
Roaming Goat Vintage

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Central Florida Etsian Member Jennifer from BluDaisy Jewelry on Etsy

Today’s featured Central Florida Etsian Member is Jennifer from BluDaisy Jewelry on Etsy.

BluDaisy Jewelry is located in Tampa, Florida and currently the primary source of sales comes from on Etsy.  Jennifer occasionally conducts private sales to individuals since her customer base includes a few people who haven’t developed a comfort level with shopping online.

BluDaisy Jewelry premiered on Etsy in August 2010. Jennifer says, “I have no idea what prompted me to open up shop just weeks before transferring to FL with my active-duty military husband and our son, but it just seemed like the right time despite the insanity of moving! While still in NC, I had been doing weekly crafting days with some amazingly talented women who encouraged me to open an Etsy shop. Their support really helped me gain the confidence to believe that maybe I could sell my work to non-friends/family.” 

Jennifer feels it is difficult standing out as a jewelry seller on Etsy, at least when it comes to gaining exposure as there are just so many talented people on Etsy. She tries to set herself apart with my customer base by providing personal and friendly customer service, upgraded shipping and reasonable prices on items that are interesting and unique.

Jennifer’s personal style greatly influences her work and it is a sort of sporty-casual-low maintenance aesthetic. As Jennifer states, “It is another way of saying I’m a military wife and mom of an active toddler who maybe only gets about 5 minutes to make myself presentable to the world each day!” With her company BluDaisy Jewelry, she strives to create jewelry that is simple and easy, yet cute and versatile and lends a bit of a feminine touch without being fussy.

Almost anything can inspire Jennifer, but she feels nature is probably her primary source. Jennifer shares, “I once was inspired by the siding and shutter paint color combination on some base housing, and even the neighborhood’s adopted stray kitty (we named her “Gator”) has inspired me with her grey stripes and gorgeous pale green eyes. And my most favorite inspirational thing to do is browse bead stores and shows….all those gorgeous beads and gemstones and sparkly things get my imagination kicked up a notch.”

When asked to describe her creative process, Jennifer shares, “I can’t say I have an official creative process right now, though lately I think most projects have started with some sort of color inspiration. I’ll see some beads with a color that grabs me and then start thinking about whether to make a necklace, bracelet or earrings and then get a snack for my son and then start considering materials and then clean up after one of my cats with a stomach issue and then clear some space in one of my many work areas while stepping on some toys that C should have picked up already and then start gathering supplies and tools and then start another load of laundry while thinking about what the heck to make for dinner and then get the jewelry project started and then play with the rugrat and then do more of the project and then do some cleaning up while answering C’s endless questions and throw a few beads onto the piece as I pass by my workspace and answer the phone and….well dang it, time to start cooking dinner and maybe I’ll be able to get back to the jewelry this evening after cooking, eating, dishes, bath time, story time, cuddles and bed time and spending a TV-watching hour with my husband before he goes to bed. I imagine many of your readers will empathize with this particular type of creative process!!”

The Sweetwater bracelets in Jennifer’s collection have a special place in her heart for several reasons. They were inspired by her stepdad John who gave her a similar bracelet for her birthday a few years ago. Jennifer says, “He is an incredibly talented man who enjoys crafting in so many genres that I’m never quite sure what he’ll produce next….he’s a woodcarver, beader, artist, gardener, assistant quilter to my mom for her projects (and he’s made a few of his own quilts, too!) and all-around Renaissance man whom I admire so much. He even cross-stitched a stunningly gorgeous and HUGE Noah’s Arc scene for our son when he was born and it became an instant family heirloom.” 

While the Sweetwater bracelets’ origin can be attributed to John, they’re so named because they became wildly popular with members on the paternal side of Jennifer’s family. Jennifer shares, “We all vacation together at a lake in Northern Ontario every summer, spending time at the cabin that’s been in the family for 50+ years. That lake is part of the heart and soul of every member of the family, so the bracelets became “Sweetwater” in honor of Lake Duborne. These bracelets sort of symbolize the mental unity of my ENTIRE family, if that makes any sense.”

The words of wisdom Jennifer has for readers who are considering opening a shop on Etsy, 

”To date myself, I’m gonna borrow the Nike phrase “Just Do It”! It seems a little scary at first, just about like everything else that’s unknown and new, but I’m glad I took the jump because my Etsy experience as a seller has been so wonderful, I’ve “met” lots of really great people and it’s such a supportive community that I’m constantly singing Etsy’s praises to anyone who will listen!”